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In 2002, we opened Singapore's first purpose-built backpackers' hostel and started hosting 4hr-long kick scooter tours for our guests. These epic, insanely sweaty and fun journeys evolved into a must-do for travellers visiting Singapore on a shoestring budget and cemented our reputation as home of the legendary kick scooter ride.​

After nearly 2 decades of hosting thousands of backpackers and kick scooter tours, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of our hostel, but it also brought about the birth of
On-A-Roll-Tours. As our hostel was once a Singapore Visitor Centre, we know Singapore's sights like the back of our hand, totally understand the importance of safe and responsible riding, and have it down pat on how to bring magical smiles to everyone's faces.

In addition to kick scooter tours, we've also specially curated walking tours and unique experiences to popular tourist attractions as well as hidden gems known only to a few. Our itineraries are fully original, and are not offered by any other tour operators.

Our tours are suitable for locals and tourists alike; solo travellers, couples, families or groups of friends. Whether you choose to feel the wind in your hair as you glide across the city on our kick scooters, or explore the highlights of Singapore on foot with us, we'll have you meeting new people and raring to go. So bring along your sense of adventure, and come
On-A-Roll with us!



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